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    If you would like to submit a fallen military hero to be honored please fill out the information below -- We will connect an endurance athlete with your hero. Your privacy will be protected, the athlete will not have access to your personal address or other information. Any medals you receive will be mailed from Medals of Honor. We do NOT sell your contact information to third parties. Submission Guidelines (who we honor): We honor all branches, all dates of death, and all loss of life lost in conjunction with military service. Medals of Honor defines "loss of life" as death while on active duty, or died as a result of such service. Causes of loss of life may include, killed in action, training accidents, missing-in-action, self-infliction, medical issues directly related to military service or afflicted with during active duty. We are sensitive to, and understand the pain surrounding families, who lost loved ones; and although all loss of life is significant, unfortunately, due financial and operational constraints we must limit the scope of our honorees to stay in alignment with our core mission outlined above. **Important** If you need to reach us for any reason please use
  • ie. PFC for Private First Class or LCpl for Lance Corporal
  • MM/DD/YYYY (month, day, year)
  • Use this space to tell us anything you would like shared with our community or with your athlete about your lovedone.
  • If you would like to share your memorial URL link, link to your heroes photo, or anything else with the endurance athlete please add it here.
  • Where we will send the Medals of Honor

  • (First & last name) This is to whom the medal will be addressed. *This can be the same person as the one who nominated the hero.
    Are they under the age of 18?
    I understand that my mailing address etc. will be kept confidential. I also understand that Medals of Honor will be sharing photos of the athlete who's honoring our hero along with our hero's name and or photo on the Medals for Honor Facebook page and other social media sites.
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