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Head Games

5 Ways to Enjoy Your Run (without giving up or getting bored) Let’s face it training for an endurance event isn’t always a bed of roses, especially long run days. We’ve put together five simple techniques that will help make the time fly by and hopefully make it a little more enjoyable. So, on those…

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How to Survive Bataan Memorial Death March

30 tips to surviving the Death March. 2017 will be my fifth year to march at Bataan, these tips are taken from my firsthand experience of successfully completing the 26.2 mile march for three consecutive years. I’ve seen the carnage on the course by those who showed up ill prepared and want to save you the pain…

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What to Pack for Bataan Death March

Download a printable PDF packing list here: Packing List  So you’re doing the Bataan Memorial Death March. Congratulations you’re about to embark on an amazing journey through the high desert that is as spiritual as it is beautiful. Bataan has become an annual journey for me and over the last few years I have noticed…

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Don’t Bonk Bataan March

The Bataan Memorial Death March isn’t your typical marathon and you need to treat the day with respect by going in prepared. Not only do you need to be prepared with the correct gear, you also need a nutrition plan. Let’s face it, unless you are running Bataan (in which case let me say – you’re a…

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Remembrance Ribbons – Bataan

We are currently accepting names for Remembrance Ribbons. We will be attaching these ribbons to our personal packs and passing them out to other marchers to wear on their packs at the 2015 Bataan Memorial Death March. Please add the name(s) of your hero(s) via our Facebook page. Other Bataan Articles How to Survive the Bataan Death March …

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Plano Balloon Festival

 A huge Thank You to the Plano Balloon Festival and On Your Left for delivering 700 finisher medals to us. We are going to put them to good use! Please see our home page for how you too can make your medals matter. Post by Medals of Honor.

Amy Cotta Medals of Honor

More Than Leather

These are my boots – they are more than just a pair of shoes to cover and protect my feet. They are my lifeline. They have lifted me up in my darkest hour and have given my life purpose. My boots give me strength to push on, to do more, to be more, and do better.…

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Ironman 140.6 Medals of Honor

Mike B.

Mike, You are an Ironman in more ways than one! Mike competed at the Inaugural Ironman Chattanooga In memory of Tre Ponder, KIA Afghanistan, Operation Redwing. Mike, donated his finisher’s medal to Tre’s family. Sempr Fi, Mike!

The Allen’s

Today we celebrate husband and wife team Randy & Susan Allen — They both dedicated their race & donated their Ironman Chattanooga finisher medals to the families of Chief Petty Officer Jacques Fontan & Staff Sgt. Kirk A. Owen. Would you like to become involved with Medals of Honor and race to remember our fallen…

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Ironman Chattanooga for Troops

iMoveFor and Medals of Honor Founder, Amy Cotta competes at the Inaugural Ironman Chattanooga in military combat boots and pack carrying the photos of 21 fallen heroes. You can see Amy in this highlight movie at 3:50 and 10:50. Thanks to the generosity of other athletes we were able to collect enough finisher medals for all 21 fallen…

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