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Cpl Thomas Hilbert

Corporal Thomas Hilbert – Army – September 7, 2007 He was a small town boy from the big state of Texas. Corporal Thomas Hilbert always wanted to see the world and joined the Army just after high school to do just that. It was a good fit for him, his family will tell you, the…

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SSG Sean D. Diamond

SSG Sean D. Diamond Army February 15, 2009 His name is etched on the stones of red rock canyon in Nevada, among the spires and cliffs that are swirled and striped in shades of red and pink. It’s a beautiful place, a hot place, and now among the historic red stones, a collection of new…

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LCpl Benjamin Gearheart

Lance Corporal Benjamin Gearheart Marines August 27, 1997 Amazing Grace carries softly through the air as I begin to research the life and service of Lance Corporal Benjamin Gearheart – one of the many memoriam pages played this sweet melody on a loop. It’s one of my favorite songs and a one that has become…

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Sgt. Andrew J. Baddick

Sgt. Andrew J. Baddick (AJ)  – Army – September 29, 2003 His friends and family endearingly called him AJ. They knew him best as a man with a zest for life and a love for all things water – from the age of five he spent his summers in a kayak. He was an expert…

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Col. Charles W. Burkart Jr.

Col. Charles W. Burkart Jr.  – Air Force – June 13, 1966 Panel 8E. Line 44. Vietnam Veteran’s War Memorial. This is where the name and memory of Colonel Charles W. Burkhart Jr. lives. His cenotaph stands in Arlington National Cemetery, guarded by the elite who were chosen to guard the Tomb of the Unknown.…

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Worth Dying For

I was standing in the small surgical room of a makeshift hospital in Afghanistan when this hand-painted message on the dingy white door, caught my eye. Everything over there was crumbling apart or newly built from plywood – juxtaposition everywhere you turned. One couldn’t open or close this frail door without seeing the scrawled message…

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